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Marketing & Branding

Our Marketing Team capitalizes on business opportunity by developing effective online and offline strategies and delivering game-changing outcomes.

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing Plan

Media Planning

Istopolis Group undertakes the complete advertising campaign of any business, creating (based on its goals and specifications) the appropriate media mix plan. The above actions combine with absolute success the internet, TV, radio and the press towards the maximum effectiveness of the company's goals.

Digital Marketing

Google Ads

We design and implement targeted promotional activities for your business, your products and your services in order to increase your profits. Get featured in Google results with keywords, and Google Network with banner ads and take advantage of remarketing capabilities.

Social Media Campaigns

Facebook and Instagam offer advertising opportunities to reach your target audience. We can help you develop the ideal social media advertising solution.

Web Campaigns

Istopolis Group specializes in setting up online advertising campaigns. Undertakes the complete study and research, based on the needs and goals of each company, for the design and implementation of your internet advertising campaign.

S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is all the processes and necessary actions that are done for a website in order to rise in the first places of the search engines in specific words or key phrases. Once the goal is achieved, the result is an increase in visitors and therefore an increase in sales.

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